ESSEN PLANT PROTEIN (400g – Chocolate Flavoured) Protein Powder

Essen Plant Protein is a versatile vegetarian protein developed for individuals who wants to fulfill their daily proteinrequirements through vegetarian sources without deviating from their normal routine food menus.

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Essen Plant Protein promotes general health and wellness in daily life by providing 20g of complete protein from diverse plant sources that includes Rice Protein, Pea Protein & Chia seeds. In addition to providing adequate amount of essential amino acids, it is also a rich source of fiber. The enzyme papain present in the product helps with the digestion and absorption of protein. Essen Plant Protein comes in two variants. The first one is an unsweetened variant. This unflavoured, unsweetened Essen Plant Protein allows the consumer to incorporate a good quality amino acid rich protein supplement into his/ her daily menus without altering their everyday food choices. The chocolate flavoured Essen Plant Protein is an excellent option if you are looking for a naturally sweetened plant protein variant. It is free of added sugars and artificial sweeteners and is sweetened using Stevia.

– A great vegetarian protein supplement with the goodness of chia seeds.
– Can incorporate with your normal diet

• A Source of 20g Complete Protein
all essential amino acids present
20g of protein is about 37% of RDA
• Gluten Free
• Soy Free
• Rich in Fiber
• Cholesterol Free
• Transfat Free
• No Added Sugar

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Weight .400 kg

20g Complete Protein – Pea Protein, Rice protein & Chia seeds blend 400g – Unsweetened, Unflavoured


Mix one serving (about 29g) of Plant Protein powder with your favorite fruit / nuts and blend it with milk to make a delicious shake., Dosa, Idli and Any Indian Bread ,
Add 3 scoops (about 29g) of Plant Protein, mix with regular Dosa, Idli or Atta mix. Prepare on traditional cook style to have your daily protein requirements., Daily Menu
One serving can be added to your daily menu – salads, soups etc. to get high protein in your diet.


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